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Herocade Review

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9 games for $15. What could possibly go wrong?

Herocade at first glance seems like a no brain purchase. 9 VR games for $15? The risk to reward ratio seems completely in your favor. If you like one game, the purchase would be worth it right? Well that might be the case. It was not the case for me.

The problem is Herocade treats VR like a gimmick.
This is obvious with the "menu" which you have to use to select the games. It is an abomination.

The pain you have to go through to start a game. Played at x2 speed. Warning: Extremely annoying.

Not to mention the story which is narrated by an irritating robotic sounding voice. I wonder why the devs went out of their way to add this fluff. It really ruins the compilation. Herocade would have been better without it.

More pain

The games

The games are not that impressive. There are a couple that should have their code permanently deleted from all hard drives and others that make you think "This might be ok if I was on drugs".


This game has the simplest graphics of the bunch but it is my favorite to play. You are in a helicopter and your job is to protect innocent people running to safety from zombies by launching aerial strikes. You earn points which you can use to upgrade your weapons. I would play this game here and there if I didn't have to go through the long start up and then have to deal with the over-the-top menu. Fun game but gets monotonous after a bit.

The only gender you get to pick is attack helicopter

Dread Halls

The beefiest game this compilation has to offer. I've heard people say the $15 price tag is worth it just for this title. Do I agree with that? Not after playing other games in the same price range. But I did somewhat enjoy this game. It's kind of creepy and I did get chills a couple times. It's best described as a survival horror dungeon crawler. Kind of reminds me of the PSVR game "Here They Lie" except 20 years ago on the playstation 1. There's about an hour worth of gameplay, plus a random level generator. I love how this game allows you to play how you want to play. If you want to stand and rotate your body in real life to turn (while being careful not to tangle yourself up in the cord) you can do it. If you want smooth turning without any motion-sickness-avoiding assistance, you can do it. Developers releasing VR games should take note. Limiting viewing options and controls for a portion of players who experience VR sickness isn't smart. The more options the better.

An unexpected anticlimactic death So realistic, stone women won't talk to you without money

PolyRunner VR

This game is alright. It reminds me of a 90s arcade game. Basically you control a jet through harsh terrain. One crash and the game is over and you start from the beginning. There are 3 control options to pick from. Two of those involve head movement and the other a dualshock 4. There are 2 difficulties, normal and hard. Hard just increases the speed you fly at. It's not an easy game and it's enjoyable until you get frustrated. Another game I would play here and there if it wasn't for the over-the-top Herocade menu.

Alpha Turkey Hunt

A simple shooting game controlled via 1 aim controller or the dualshock 4. Cardboard cutouts of turkeys come at you, and your job is to shoot them before they get to you. It's an ok game, pretty difficult and the bad tracking doesn't help.

You really grow to hate these cardboard turkeys The reload time is brutal A normal reaction after giving this game a serious chance

405 Road Rage

Basically you control a vehicle with head movements in a 3rd person perspective. Your goal is to not crash into other vehicles. As you progress you can unlock different cars and upgrades. I would like this game a lot more if you could control the vehicle with the dualshock controller. This game makes me want a low poly gta type multiplayer VR game.

Space Bit Attack

I want to like this game. I should like this game. But I don't. It's boring, slow-paced and stale. It could have been something good if the developers spent some real time on the gameplay. It seems like their main goal was just "create a playable game in VR".

Gumi No Yume

This is basically a cell phone game in VR. Why is it in VR? I don't know. It's a puzzle game where you have to push gummy bears around. Some people may like it. I don't.

One full level of torture

Jurassic Survival

This game. I don't know where to start. It's a stationary shooter where you shoot dinosaurs that approach and squeel at you. You shoot them with bullets that don't penetrate or cause blood. Their squeeling causes you to lose health. Slow paced, boring. So bad it's almost funny.


A short, boring experience. I think it's supposed to be scary. The worst thing Herocade has to offer.

The Final Verdict

I understand Herocade is a collection of early VR tech games. I respect the devs for being one of the first to experiment with a new platform and industry. But Herocade as a compilation is not worth it in my opinion. Had they skipped all the fluff and just offered the 9 titles it would be a slightly different story. They spent time and money on making a mediocre experience worse for no reason other than "Vr bro..".

Graphics: 4 Bad
Fun: 4Bad
Value: 6Decent
Final score: 4.6/10

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