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Here They Lie Review

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The Game

To put it bluntly, Here They Lie is a survival horror 'work-of-art' from your worst nightmares uploaded from hell. This is a hard game to review because I feel like revealing what it consists of could spoil the experience. Figuring out what it's all about is part of what drew me in. On the other hand, after beating the game I wanted to replay it immediately. But I will be mindful of what I reveal in this review.

Originally I played the demo that came with my PSVR and I was unimpressed. There are two reasons for this. First, I was overwhelmed with all the other vr games at the time and two, Here They Lie is kind of bland and confusing in the beginning. I only purchased it because it was on sale and I didn't realize it was the same game on the PSVR demo disc. The first few times loading it up I didn't get very far, but eventually it drew me in and I fell in love.

In general terms the game is a survival horror/stealther. The story is loose and open to different interpretations as you progress and piece it together.

Playing through it reminded me of my first time playing Resident Evil on Playstation 1. The original series (before RE4) has a special place in my heart. Although I own RE7, I have not given it more than 30 minutes of play time yet for various reasons (I have like 10 reviews to write), but my instinct tells me it won't live up to what the original series sparked in me as a child. Here They Lie sparked something similar to that. If there's ever a "Here They Lie 2" it better not be an over-the-shoulder action shooter. That being said I've forgiven Capcom and I am looking forward to sitting down and giving Resident Evil 7 the time that everyone says it deserves.

I'm not scared... Just obeying the traffic light.


Here They Lie throws you into a twisted world where your only friend and ally is a flashlight. The flashlight takes batteries so you have to be cautious of when and how long you use it. This doesn't sound like a big deal but when you're in this universe, that flashlight is your life. It's the only thing that comforts you. A fear of being stuck in the dark without batteries was always in the back of my mind.

My biggest problem with the game are the limited viewing options. For those who aren't aware, VR games make some people feel sick. Most VR titles offer multiple ways to control the camera to avoid feeling sick. Some people, like me, don't suffer any problems and prefer a smooth turning camera with no motion-sickness-avoiding effects. Here They Lie only offers two different viewing options and neither of them cater to people like me who don't need assistance. This game only offers "slide" turning, where your body in game turns a certain amount of degrees. Smooth turning is offered, however this puts on a "blinder" when you rotate the camera with the analog. This almost ruined the whole game for me. This is a PSVR launch title so it's safe to assume Sony was wary of how people would react to VR, especially to a game as demented as this one.

Here They Lie offers some very awe-inspiring scenery. Part of the game for me was stopping, and just looking around at everything. More than a few scenes had me whisper "whoa.." or "holy shit" aloud in real life unconsciously.

Spoiler (not really) warning: When I think "Here They Lie", this is the scene I think of

The Final Verdict

Undoubtedly Here They Lie will be a game I will never forget. The imagery, story, and experience is imprinted on my mind and I can see it being one of those games I revisit here and there throughout the years. For survival horror fans this is a must buy.


Graphics: 8 Great
Fun: 8Great
Value: 8Great
Final score: 8/10

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