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Three New Psvr Games Release Today

Cold Iron

Cold Iron Puzzle. Shooter. Sorry, wave shooters--there's a new sheriff in town. Every enemy is unique, every duel is different, and every bullet counts. Imagine if Punch-Out!! married Stranger Things and they honeymooned in Westworld.

Out of Ammo

Out of Ammo Out of Ammo is an intense virtual reality strategy game for PlayStation®VR that puts you in the commander's seat against wave after wave of soldiers. Built exclusively for room-scale to make use of motion tracking, the game allows you to move around the battlefield to build defenses and issue orders. You can even directly possess your units to directly engage the enemy making use of cover and preparing your magazines carefully so you don't.... run out of ammo!

Pierhead Arcade

Pierhead Arcade - Play classic coin-operated games.
- Compete on global leaderboards!
- Get digital toys at the gift shop using tickets you've won.

Cold Iron

The dev team that created Cold Iron, Catch & Release, was gracious enough to send me a review copy. The game is basically a "Fast draw" game. Like a duel in the western days. The game tests your accuracy and reaction times with a gun. The further you get in the game the harder and more bizarre the enemies become. If you enjoy shooting guns in real life you will like this game. Here's some gameplay footage from the first couple of levels.



Skyrim VR Boxing

Good work out. Seriously though, who would have thought that an RPG from 2011 would be the closest thing to a fighting game in the VR age?



Special Delivery unplayable after latest patch

I don't think anyone plays this game mainly because of the horrible controls, but I was hoping after the patch the devs would fix the rough edges. I was wrong. The latest patch completely breaks the game. If you're lucky enough to get past the title screen, this is what you experience.

Haven't tried with the Dualshock or AIM but this is unacceptable.



Best PSVR games of 2017

2017 was a great year for Sony and for PSVR owners. I am overwhelmed with great content and It's been difficult trying to keep up. Regardless I'm excited and can't imagine what 2018 will bring. To start the new year I've compiled a list of must own PSVR games released in 2017. This list is in no particular order. I know I am missing a few really good titles that I have yet to get around to. Feel free to enlighten us in the comments.


SUPERHOT VR This game will be considered a classic of the VR age, like Pac man and Asteroids were of the 80s. There is nothing not to like about this game. There's a slight psycological learning curve, getting used to seeing bullets fly at your head killing you. It took my brain a couple hours of gameplay to settle down and realize "These bullets are not going to kill you."

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Obviously this goes without saying. This is one of the first massive world simulations in virtual reality. The first on PSVR at least. There's something in this game for everyone. People who love stories, short stories. People who love action and combat, people who love to explore. I dreamt of Skyrim VR before it was announced and tested it with Trinus VR on my phone with my PC, just to get a feel of what it would be like, so when I heard Bethesda was making it a virtal reality I was pretty excited. They did a fantastic job with this port.

The Solus Project

The Solus Project This was considered a "Skyrim cock tease" by many. But after playing both, The Solus Project holds it's own weight, and even excels in a lot of ways. When I first played this game I felt like I was on the show "Naked and Afraid", which is a good thing because it's one of the only shows I still watch on basic cable. And it has a real survival feel to it, not in a horror way, but a creepy way, and it does a great job. I have yet to finish this game but I badly want to.

Mortal Blitz

Mortal Blitz When you hear Mortal Blitz a lot of people think Time Crisis. And I do too but comparing the two games is like comparing a Tamagotchi to a real live pet. I wasn't a big Time Crisis fan, sure it was fun for 5 minutes at the arcade till I died. but Mortal Blitz is a completely different experience. It's very immersive and requires physical techniques like taking cover to avoid death and to get shots in. The campaign is short but each level is unique and fun and for the price, more than fair. There is DLC on the way which I'm looking forward to.

Megaton Rainfall

Megaton Rainfall This is a game I will never forget. Just thinking about loading it up is exciting. Although not perfect, what it managed to accomplish is very impressive. Megaton Rainfall gives you the feeling of true freedom, being able to fly around the entire planet and explore solor system, galaxies, and universe. And that's just a side note to the game. The main gameplay focuses on combat, fighting robot alien invaders on earth. The combat is challenging and takes strategy because you can destroy an entire skyscraper by mistake, killing thousands of innocent lives ending your career as a omnipotent superhero. It's a fantastic game and a fantastic experience.


Polybius When I was introduced to video games for the first time as a child through the NES, Polybius was the type of game I subconsciously craved. I craved it until I became an adult, discovered VR, and found a very obscure game named Polybius on the PS store for a small price and small file size. The rest is history (if you've read my Polybius review). Although I'm not a Polybius grand master YET (can't get to 13 in YOLO still, fuck me.) it's one of my favorite games of all time.


Sparc As someone who hates professional sports, the idea of virtual reality sports is a very intriguing to me, because I get to BE the player instead of a spectator. It promotes exercise particularly cardio, which lets face it, a lot of gamers could use. On a side note Holoball is an amazing game released in 2016 which I consider to be Sparc's offline brother.

And these obviously go without saying. Ironically I have yet to put a decent amount of time in them for various reasions, but I want to and will complete them in the near future

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard As an old school Resident Evil fan, it's more true to the series than any game since RE4, and it's pretty fucking scary. The lack of zombies is disapointing, but atleast the game is a real survival horror game and not an action shooter.


Farpoint This game with the gun is amazing. It brings the immersion to a whole different level. I am not a huge fan of the "only forward" method they used, but it's a minor complaint. This game is amazing from what I've played. Looking forward to trying out the new online PvP mode.

2016 shout outs

Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within With the role-book-glitch lasting months and severing the playerbase (it's been fixed) and the release of Rec Room, Werewolves Within is not getting as much attention as it used to. And that's a shame because it's a fantastic and chill game. I say chill because there's literally no gameplay mechanics, and while that might scare you away that's one of the things that makes it so great. The gameplay is a group of people playing a social game. It's fun to just talk to people, and play a game in between. I hope they update and breathe new life into this game to keep it relevant, but this is Ubisoft we're talking about so I am not very hopeful.

Driveclub VR

Werewolves Within Driveclub VR is the most underrated mainstream game in the PSVR catalog. The slap in the face known as "Gran Turismo Sport" has a lot to do with that. Even if you don't enjoy racing games, don't pass this title up so quickly. The time trials are great for chilling out. The replay rewind feature is great for showing VR to friends and family, and for car/racing lovers. Something about sitting in the passenger seat of a crazy race is adrenaline pumping, a different adrenaline rush than when you're in control doing the driving. Playing around with different cars, checking out their exteriors and interiors and seeing how they drive is an absolute blast. Like I said with Werewolves, I hope Sony breathes new life into this game. At least there's some hope with Sony.


What a year for VR

This year has been a good year for VR, PSVR in particular. This season sealed the deal for the industry. As more people are exposed to the tech in the coming year, sales will inevitably skyrocket (like they already haven't right?). Christmas 2018 will be even crazier for the VR market. Mark my words.

Thanks to Skyrim, my backlog is worse than ever but at least my bow skills are on point.

Shout out and a happy new year to the few redditors who helped contribute to the site. You know who you are.

Also I have been working on integrating the forums into the main page. This should hopefully spark some forum action. Big plans for 2018!



Black Market Move 2.0 in the works

PSVR Move 2.0 controller

So much demand. No supply

Read more @ https://www.reddit.com/r/PSVR/comments/7gmck8/a_small_tease_of_what_is_coming/


Skyrim VR: The great, the good, and the ugly

While Skyrim in VR is an absolute blast, it is not flawless. This is expected... and of course has partially to do with the dreaded Move controllers. That being said, using the Move controllers is my preferred way to play the game. It's worth it. And most of these issues are not with the controllers themselves, but can be fixed with patches to the game from Bethesda. So here are the issues that have been annoying me throughout my pleasant trip through Skyrim in virtual reality:

1. Just moving your arms can cause your weapon to trigger a sound effect of swinging it through the air with great force, causing your character to grunt. Speed and force of movement should trigger these sound effects because it gets irritating after a while of playing and breaks immersion.

2. Replace the Move controller models with actual hands. It's a huge immersion breaker. You can even see the micro usb port.. in a world with no usb cable to charge it with. or a console to use it on. Even this Dark Elf was weirded out.

Move controllers in Skyrim VR

3. Moving is easy. Moving in battle is the hard part. This control scheme forces you to play the game in a different way strategically, which isn't a bad thing but it's worth noting because it can't be fixed, (only by Sony). But it's a new way to play Skyrim and the choices you make in game with your character will revolve around it. For instance the spells that you choose to use in each hand, and weapons you use.

Weapons like two handers and bows which were obscure before, are more popular and fun, but some other things that worked on TV don't translate as well. Like dual wielding weapons, which is still fun and feasible but more trouble than it's worth.

4. Aiming with projectiles is difficult and not "right". I realized this while trying to use fireball for the first time while a dragon was approaching. I noticed something was off imediately upon the first time casting it. As I tried to figure out how to aim it, this happen.

5. No smooth turning. Skyrim almost had it, they just messed up excluding this option. I know Bethesda said they will patch it in, but all VR developers should know full well at this point that they have to cater to both ends of the spectrum. Comfort and assistance vs full-fledged "This can potentially make you sick.", "No seriously more than half the dev team can't play this way" options. If I am forced into handicaps your game automatically goes to the bottom of my and many other's list of VR games to buy.

Other than that, Skyrim VR is worth buying again at the $60 price tag. It makes a great addition to the PSVR library and exactly what the platform needed. I have faith Bethesda will iron out the problems, and this port will be considered a pivotal point in the VR industry where developers are drawn to the idea of using old code for big financial gain relative to investment.



Skyrim VR: First impressions

I just hit level 5 and played strictly with the moves. All I have to say is Betheda Studios deserves praise and respect for this accomplishment.

They accomplished something that seemed impossible a year ago; a game as complex as Skyrim, in VR, using problematic controllers. And They did a fantastic job at it. It's a literal, full-fledged world in virtual reality. I played Skyrim a couple times (PS3, PC), and I am enjoying the game on a completely different level than I did playing on a television.

One of the things I was worried about before playing was the graphics. I am playing on an OG ps4, and the graphics are more than acceptable. I'd say they are actually pretty good. Not much blur and barely any screen-door-effect (you have to look for it). It's much better looking and more clear playing on PS4 with PSVR than the original Skyrim release on PS3 on TV. Also, It looks better in the VR headset than recorded footage and streams.

My first Skyrim VR related death

My only complaints so far is the lack of smooth turning. Snap turning makes me feel uncomfortable. Where are MY comfort settings? Also, Bethesda, PLEASE do away with the 'Move control models' and just replace them with hands. It's a big immersion killer.

Playing Skyrim brought a flood of possible VR game ideas to me. Using last gen games could be a very smart move for the uncertain and experimental VR industry. There are tons of great games, that have been kinda forgotten with the release of the current gen. Using these titles and programming them to work with VR is a no brainer.
Skyrim VR has proven old ports work. And it can work damn well.



Redditor breaks 4k TV playing Skyrim VR

I'm not going to waste the time and effort to make a post announcing Skyrim VR. The 50 or so people that visit this site a day already know about it. This post has more to do with VR and your surroundings.

nalydtapo on /r/psvr posted "Skyrim broke my TV".

He goes on to say he broke his 4k television trying to "backswing" a massive spider. That sucks and I know he's not alone. Personally I have broken a lamp playing "Catlateral Damage" of all titles.... AND I have it on video (maybe one day I'll post it). But after that, I learned my lesson and now take the warning that pops up when you power your headset on, seriously.

So check your area, and adjust it as needed.
Since my lamp incident I have had no accidents. I'm sure nalydtapo of /r/psvr will not make the same mistake in the future either.

Heed the warnings !

Read more @ https://www.reddit.com/r/PSVR/comments/7do59r/skyrim_broke_my_tv/


Dead Hungry Demo Missing From PS Store

The link to the demo version of the game on the PS store website now 404s and has disappeared from the actual store. Looks like it was intentionally pulled and I would be surprised if it made a reappearance. The demo wasn't available when the game launched and was available for 7 or 8 days. Interesting.

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